Auctioneer FYI’s

Interesting Auction Factoids…

Auctioneering is one of the two oldest professions.

In 2011, a More Peace Study shows Benefit Auctions and Fundraising Auctions are a 16 billion dollar industry.

A live auction will always out-perform a silent auction.

A professional auctioneer pays for herself many times over. A free or amateur auctioneer will cost you money.

Auctioneering is part art, part skill, and most definitely a science.

Professional Bid spotters are worth their weight in gold. Haven’t you ever wished for an extra set of hands? Consider them an extra set of eyes and an extra person to person auctioneer!

A professional Auctioneer will create an atmosphere for giving and create an urgency to bid.

A professional Auctioneer will listen to your concerns and ideas, provide references, and provide audio and video samples of their work upon request.

A professional Auctioneer will be a member of their state or national associations.

A professional Auctioneer will send you a contract.