Why hire a professional auctioneer?

– A professional auctioneer will pay for themselves generally in the first few live auction items.

– A professional auctioneer will attend educational seminars and classes pertaining to Benefits and Fundraising.

– I am a trained, licensed, bonded auctioneer. I am a member of the National Auctioneers Association and the CA Auctioneer Association.

– This is my full time vocation; it is my pleasure and my job to help you raise the maximum amount of money at your event.

– I do not auction Condos, Cattle, or Farm Equipment. My pace and my chant are geared to fit your audience.

– I am part auctioneer and part entertainer!

– I know when to push, when to back off, and how much energy is needed in the room to create a bidding frenzy

– My job is to learn and understand your mission in order to engage with your audience and staff.

– I am experienced in the art of fundraising

How soon should I hire my auctioneer? /How involved should my auctioneer be in helping to create the event?

From the very beginning!

– As your auctioneer I can help you choose the best possible date:
I will check the calendar and make sure there are no other major auction events, holidays, or sporting events in your way to a creating great fundraiser!

– Generally there are auctions every week of every month. Some months are busier than others. The busiest seasons for charity benefit auctioneers are Feb-May & Sept- mid Dec.

– Every auction is unique; my goal is to maximize your profit:
New cash generating games, placement of items, how to seat your patrons, organize your auction outline, when to start both your silent and live auctions, how to use social media, and even centerpieces for your table!

Is the sound system at the event center adequate for our needs?

– No – this is often overlooked and is one of the most important aspects of your auction.

– Your goal is to have everyone in the room to be able to hear the people that you have arranged to speak as well as your auctioneer.

– House sound systems generally come from the ceiling, the sound “drops” down to the floor but doesn’t spread out to the corners of the room, only the guests in the first few tables will hear what’s going on.

– Sound systems from a band playing will be heard by the front of the room but not the back.

**The best possible solution is to budget a little extra and rent 4 speakers- one for each corner of the room. Everyone will be able to hear who is being thanked, hear the speeches, know what item we are selling, and know what bid increment is being asked for. If your guest can’t hear the auctioneer then they can’t bid!

Why do you charge for your services rather than donate them?

– This is my full time job. I went to school and received special training in all aspects of the auction business. I attend educational seminars to keep up to date, in addition to keeping current with annual bond and licensing fees. The auction industry is my only source of income and it is how I make my living.

***This is my life, and I love doing it.