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As one of the world’s few full time female auctioneers…

Shaunda has developed a strong track record in charity benefit auctions.
Prior to working for a major auction house, Shaunda produced auctions for private schools in Texas. It was at one of those auctions that the auctioneer asked her to help out on the stage and their banter helped raise more money that night than any other auction or fundraiser in the school’s history. He suggested that she become an auctioneer and mentored her entry into the profession.

After moving on to a major auction house, she auctioneered everything from fine art to rare comics throughout the country and internationally. After several years, she stepped out on her own to focus on her passion, helping raise funds for charities. Holding licenses in several states, she travels the U.S. to help organizations raise funds and increase profits by working with them from event conception through the auction event.

Prior to her work in auctioneering, she was a professional entertainer and a business owner in the fashion industry. She’s appeared on ABC’s “The Great Big American Auction” and regularly on “What’s it Worth” on KABC radio. People are drawn to her humor and high energy. As a business owner she understands what it takes to create organizational success and a profitable fund raising event.

Shaunda stays on the leading edge of education for Charity Benefits and Fundraising. She attends educational seminars and summits on a quarterly basis to bring you fundraising techniques that have a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line.


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